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  1. Chit-Chat
    Just saw some Strike Anywhere Matches at a garage sale, are they Illegal in NY? wouldn't surprise me. I use to use them many many moons ago when I smoked and was allot cooler.
  2. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    I have only been to the indoor range in Nassau and am looking to go to an outdoor range in Suffolk. Do any have any steel targets? Anything besides just paper? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Open Firearm Discussions
    Does Anyone local have accutips for 20 gauge. Cant seem to find them anywhere.
  4. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Anywhere on the island soon where the NRA or anyone else is holding an instructional class for your individual rifle?
  5. Bolt Action [Rifles]
    I've called a few places to try to get them to put my custom made mosin nagant stock on, but none of them said that they do that. I looked up a video and it doesn't look too hard but i'm brand new to disassembling rifles let alone changing parts out even if it is just the stock. Any advice...
  6. Survival/Disaster Planning and more
    Does anyone know a place to get these? I suspect they can't be sold in New York but I haven't seen them in PA or VT either. Amazon sells a "green" version which has awful reviews. I am trying to find the good "red" ones.
  7. NYS and NYC Discussions (licensing/laws)
    A large majority of us NY'ers here have a pistol permit. With that said, let me ask....how many of us have a spouse/significant other who is licensed as well ? I bet less that 50%. Let me propose this...... Lets get stronger as a firearm community! That means, get off your lazy arse and have...
  8. Open Firearm Discussions
    Title says it. I will of course order one if I must but I have a nasty habit of buying the top of the line item in whatever I am looking for so I am hoping that I can save a few bucks & find a reasonable one locally. Thanks in advance.
  9. DIY Projects and Builds
    The selection at Lowes and Home Cheapo leaves much to be desired. I'm not making high-end cabinetry or anything, but I want wood that is straight & true and I'd rather not have to sort through an entire pallet worth to find the 3 random pieces that aren't warped beyond usage, filled with...
  10. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    I have a friend who is looking to purchase a Ruger Mini 14 and a Ruger 10/22. Has anyone seen either in stock at any local gun shops recently?
  11. Open Firearm Discussions
    I have asked this before, but was not lucky to get any timely tips. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? :-)
  12. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I'm looking to pick up a spare gen 4 g19. Anyone seen one in stock? I know I know no one has anything!! but I figured its worth a shot!!!
  13. Open Firearm Discussions
    I know there supposedly going to allow us to continue to buy 10 round mags but I want to try and grab a couple more now the cheaper the better..
  14. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Looking to buy a few more 10 rounders for the Beretta 92FS before 4/15, but havnt had any luck finding/seeing them in stock. Anyone else seen any?
  15. AK - [Rifles]
    Lots of info on AR mags, but has anyone seen AK 10rd mags showing up anyplace online? Hell, at this point I'll take 5 rounders...
  16. Gear Discussion
    A friend is looking to buy a new 10/22 in either blue or stainless. He wants the synthetic stock. He has checked at many area stores and found nothing in stock. If anyone sees a synthetic stocked 10/22 anywhere locally, please let me know.
  17. NY Specific Discussions
    Gov. Cuomo has signed an executive order that says anyone who can't get to their regular polling place can vote anywhere in the state. Not that it will make a difference in the national elections, but it will be a mother to sort out locally...
1-17 of 19 Results