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  1. Out of State Crimes
    FBI recommends no charges against Clinton http://thehill.com/p...against-clinton By Julian Hattem - 07/05/16 11:15 AM EDT Federal officials have decided not to pursue federal charges against Hillary Clinton for her private email setup, FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday in an announcement...
  2. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing. Stern came to the defence of modern sporting rifles. I have never heard him make so much sense. I have heard him express pro 2a sentiment before but he has previously been anti MSR. He finally came to the right conclusions...
  3. NY Specific Discussions
  4. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    This banner appears on the bottom of the Google screen today. I am neither a homophobe, transphobe, or any other kind of "phobe". I only fear people who may cause harm to myself or my family. Has the pendulum swung too far in having a day to commemorate EVERYTHING?
  5. Open Firearm Discussions
    Interesting that this would be recalled and discussed on NPR. I assume this exchange aired in the past few days. I don't recall the incident, or the referenced WSJ article, but some of you here might be aware and remember it. http://www.npr.org/2...=nprml&f=2,3,46 Colt's media demonstration of...
  6. Jokes and more Jokes!
    No, not from The Onion. It's from The Times of Israel. Still, pretty effin' funny. http://www.timesofis...er-against-god/
  7. Out of State Crimes
    Sean Payton rails against guns after Will Smith's death http://www.usatoday....leans/82899630/ After all, it's guns - the one's more available than books, don't you know? Excerpt: "It was a large caliber gun. A .45," Payton said. "It was designed back during World War I. And this thing just...
  8. Pets Pets Pets
    Sorry for this morbid question, but...... Sadly, a friend's dog just had to be put down. The family is pretty devastated. He wants to bury his dog in his back yard, which the dog loved to play in. I know we've all probably buried our kid's hamsters, guinea pigs, or birds in the back yard, but...
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    War against feral hogs rages on Posted: 1:41 p.m. Friday, Dec. 25, 2015 Email 99Facebook 1253Twitter 651ShareThis 2307 By Sean Collins Walsh - American-Statesman Staff  LOCKHART - On a recent Saturday morning, in a gravel parking lot under a highway overpass, Nick Dornak manned a foldout...
  10. Terrorist Talk
    An interesting vid embedded in the article shows Russian sub launching cruise missiles at Syria. I agree with the article that Czar Putin's military action there is as much a display to the world of Russia's increasing military strength, as it is killing Islamists. [/size][/color][/b] There...
  11. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    Ran across this interview from a couple of days ago. Kurt Russell doing an interview with some guy named Jeffery Wells from Hollyweedland. Russell does a pretty good job that actually made me smile. It runs about 10 minutes... http://www.hollywood-elsewhere.com/images/column/keywest/russellguns.mp3
  12. Terrorist Talk
    "MSNBC Contributor and Washington Editor-at-Large for the Atlantic, Steve Clemons stated that French officials he had talked with criticized lack of US support against fighting terrorism, with one arguing that, 'ISIS has been incubated for two years with an absence of US leadership, and that...
  13. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    Basically this spells the end to gun stores. Two cops win 6 million dollar lawsuit against gun store that sold gun to someone who gave it to bad guy. Not tomorrow but over time. Most gun stores will go out of business. Cops have chosen sides and its not with us. Sad...
  14. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I love the picture, it reminds me when I did the same to anti- hunters at Exit 19 off the Thruway. I cannot help but to wonder if those loons harass muslims when they kill their food. A Hasidic man in Brooklyn flips off an animal-rights activist with one hand - while preparing to slaughter a...
  15. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I do not think I had ever heard of this 9/11 monument/memorial. It is located in Bayonne, NJ, on Upper New York Harbor. It was given to us by Russia. More info here: http://www.911monument.com/
1-16 of 95 Results