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  1. Pets Pets Pets
    It's the best and most rewarding thing I've ever done. It's inconceivable how such a sweet little thing could be abused by somene. My Maltapoo is just so affectionate, smart, and appreciative and doesn't ask for anything more than a warm home, a clean bed, and to be fed. So I started thinking...
  2. Bolt Action [Rifles]
    Well, maybe not quite a senior, but old enough for an AARP card.Being an older dog I like older firearms. It is a Marlin 80, probably from the late 50's (There was no serial number on the barrel. the metal trigger guard and Walnut stock were on early models) sitting on the used rack at South...
  3. Milsurp [Rifles]
    Actually 2 Russians and a Yugo
  4. Open Firearm Discussions
    I don't think it was a very good idea for LaPierre to promote the idea of armed guards in schools in such dramatic fashion on Friday. For one thing, it wasn't an original idea and it wasn't his. But now, he kinda owns it, and not in a good way, thanks to the MSM. Not to mention, I sure as hell...
1-4 of 4 Results