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  1. Milsurp [Rifles]
    Very good charts of headstamps and more. Worth looking if you're a Mosinite. http://7.62x54r.net/MosinID/MosinAmmoID.htm
  2. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    Must have for Mosin lovers! Not available in stores. 2nd run of these... http://teespring.com/xcan_of_whoopassx
  3. Milsurp [Rifles]
    Does any body know where I can get a spam can (or two) or surplus 54r ammo locally in nassau?
  4. Milsurp [Rifles]
    So, I want to buy an 880 rd case of 7.62X54r from either AIM or Classic (2 spam cans). They are just about the same price and I think you get the opener from both vendors. The only difference AIM is selling them 147grn and Classic 148grn. Does anyone honestly feel that one shoots better out of...
  5. Milsurp [Rifles]
    Aim Surplus has them back in stock: Russian 7.62x54R ammo. 440 rounds for $89.95 each. http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=A76254R
  6. Open Firearm Discussions
    Anyone ever see this.... The casing is splitting when fired?
  7. Chit-Chat
    Anyone need 7.62x54R But Shipping is crazy $21.05 http://www.aimsurplu...px?item=A76254R
  8. Open Firearm Discussions
    And Also winchester white box 40 s&w
  9. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    Was just wondering if anyone owns a Romanian PSL-54C 7.62x54R Rifle...or similar. A friend of mine got me hooked on the Mosin 91/30 (thanks Bryan) and I like the caliber and was looking for a semi-auto in 7.62x54R. Any feedback is always appeciated .
  10. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    I am wondering what rifles are available in 7.62x54r and semi auto. I know I saw one not to long ago but I can not remember for the life of me what it was.
  11. Reloading
    I am ordering some supplies to reload 7.62x54r that I will be shooting out of my vepr and hopefully Mosin (when I buy one) and Im stuck on which bullets to buy. Ive read anywhere from.308-.312. any advice would be helpful.
  12. Open Firearm Discussions
    Hey guys, just wondering if any local shops in suffolk carry 7.62x54r soft points for hunting. I know brownbear/silverbear makes them as well as sellier and bellot but I'd rather just grab a box or two local since I wont be buying in bulk. Anyone?
  13. AK - [Rifles]
    Which surplus ammo 7.62x54r is better more reliable russian or bulgarian?
1-13 of 15 Results