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  1. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    Freeport R&R, July 26, USPSA match. Start time 0800. Setup for this match is on July 25 at 1400. That means if you come down and help set up, you can shoot the match that day. $20 entry fee. If you plan on shooting the match, email Mike H. your name, USPSA # if you have one, class, power...
  2. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    July 26th: P-Man Impractical Shotgun Match - Match Director: Glen C 7 stages, approx 125 (120 birdshot, 5 buckshot) rounds. This match will be scored as a TimePlus match. Click the link below to register for this match. Online stage descriptions are not available for this match. Divisions for...
1-2 of 2 Results