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  1. NYC and NY State Crimes
    Source: http://www.mpnnow.com/news/20160523/phelps-man-stands-trial-for-series-of-gun-chargesCANANDAIGUA - For those who collect guns, this collection would be considered a dream come true, defense attorney Gerald Forcier told jurors during his opening statements in Ontario County Court on...
  2. Out of State Crimes
    Nice. Way to go Army! Vietnam vet, 70, uses cane to foil Waffle House robbery Published April 10, 2016 FoxNews.com Facebook574 Twitter478 livefyre141 Email Print Surveillance camera photo shows man who tried to rob a Waffle House in Fayetteville on April 2, 2016. (Fayetteville...
  3. Bolt Action Rifles
    Apparently this is a common and problem and all the fixes I found were not solving my problem. Hoping someone here can help before I resort to a gunsmith. Took the bolt out to clean the rifle, separated the firing pin from the assembly to grease it. Safety went into the FIRE position from...
  4. Other Rifles
    Following the recommendation from Henry, i purchased a Weaver 63b base for my new Henry lever gun. Long story short, i don't like it. I've always preferred Picatinny style rails. Can anyone recommend a well made Picatinny rail that will fit the 63b mounting holes? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Other Rifles
    So I am looking into getting a Henry lever action probably after Christmas. Not sure if I should get the 45-70 or the 30-30. I am a reloader and reload a small amount of 30-30 for a single shot which is the only 30-30 I own. Don't have a 45-70 yet but shot one of my dads friends Marlin's and...
  6. Veterans and Military
    Glad they'll be home again. Rest in peace brothers. The bodies of 36 WWII Marines that died a hero's death in the Battle Of Tarawa in 1943 have been recovered from an isolated island in the Pacific. The remains of these brave soldiers will be brought back to America to be given a proper burial...
  7. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    A Kenyan lawyer has offered President Obama 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats in return for daughter Malia's hand in marriage. Felix Kiprono Matagei, who is also a student at Oxford University according to his Facebook profile, offered the livestock in order to fulfil his 'dream' of marrying...
  8. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    TV went down will be target material soon.....Any quick suggestions on 70" class TV's around $2000.. I don't need all that super smart stuff wouldn't know how to use it. But I'm an idiot with whats out there and need to get one today. I could try Costco, Best buy or Wal-Mart. Suggestion on good...
  9. Bolt Action Rifles
    Finally ordered my featherweight in 308 today. I've been wanting a model 70 for years and the guns now coming out of the new factory got great reviews. Originally I was thinking about a 300 Win Mag but with plenty of 308 ammo on hand I figured I'll save my shoulder. Now to figure out what scope...
  10. Veterans and Military
    Seventy years ago, Audie Murphy wrote the final chapter in one of the most storied military careers in American history. During intense fighting in the Colmar Pocket along the French-Swiss border, the 19- year-old 2nd Lieutenant manned a machine gun on a burning tank destroyer and made a...
  11. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    http://news.yahoo.com/singer-joe-cocker-dies-age-70-agent-185432525.html (Reuters) - The raspy-voiced, Grammy-winning singer Joe Cocker, best known for his cover of the Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends" and "You Are So Beautiful," has died, his agent said on Monday. He was 70...
  12. Rifles
    Ok, so another odd one here. I inherited a J. Stevens Model 70 pump action .22. Anyone have experience with these? I received it as a box of parts, there is some rust on the surface but nothing major. What can I do to repair the Blueing? Also I need a couple of parts as they are either missing...
  13. Open Firearm Discussions
    "Colt Defense LLC will not default on a major payment since it secured a new $70 million loan, according to Monday's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission." http://www.guns.com/2014/11/18/colt-secures-70-million-loan-to-avoid-default/
  14. Other Rifles
    Has any one any experience wit this Rifle? Just bought one NIB for 900. Pix will follow when it gets delivered.It's a 45-70.
  15. Milsurp Rifles
    I thought this appropriate to show today. All that we have, we thank them for, and all our soldiers from all wars.
  16. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I've been browsing the old  Inter Web...and might have found a ok deal,  not sure what's the going rate for a nib colt 1911. Series 70.    Is $800 a good deal?
  17. Bolt Action Rifles
    OK. So, I'm on the Winchester website and I'm looking at the Winchester 70 All Weather. Why are they showing a $20 bill under the barrel like that?
  18. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Okay so it was only 200 bucks. Came in a box, never fired. Had a factory target included, date of test July 20, 1971. Apparently there are no marksmen in the Czech Republic. Also came with a cleaning brush and extra mag. All in all a very nice purchase.
1-19 of 28 Results