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  1. Reloading
    Does anybody have any reloading Data for the 460 Rowland using Blue Dot Powder? Home made or commercial?
  2. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    So I have a ton of this 460 Rowland ammo. Does anyone own this caliber?
  3. Revolvers [Handguns]
    Ok I,m going to change from rifle hunting to handgun hunting just for the f&%k of it, and I'm thinking about a hand canon either a 460S&W or the 500SW. The 500 only shoots 500s but the 460 can shoot 45lc, 454 Cassul and 460SW. Ballistically the 460 is faster and flatter the 500 has better...
  4. Revolvers [Handguns]
    S&W 460 is advertized as the fastest pistol cartridge. Powerful and flat trajectory. It can also shoot the 45LC and 454 Casull, and 45 schofield. Curious about anyone with experience shooting and especially hunting with one. Has anyone used a 460 for hunting? If so what did you hunt and use...
  5. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I was thinking of purchasing a conversion kit for my G30 , these kits chamber 460 Rowland , 45acp and 45 Super. The question is that they come in two versions. One with a threaded barrel and a compensator. And the other with an extended barrel that is ported. I am leaning towards the threaded...
1-5 of 5 Results