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  1. Other [Rifles]
    I've got a 1948 39-A Marlin 22 handed down from my grandfather/father to me. It's misfiring (leaves small dent in cartridge but not always firing). I suspect it just needs a good tune-up.... or? Anyone know of a LI gunsmith that knows this rifle, can have a look at it?
  2. Milsurp [Rifles]
    I got an email today (29 Dec) from Classic Firearms that they are now opening up some of the wooden crates of M-39"s check the web sight if you were waiting for some interesting offers. https://www.classicf..._eid=a72861ecb2
  3. Optics
    just installed a lasermax on my glock 39 .45 GAP took me all of about 15 minutes even with my original slide lock spring flying across the room. optics planet had it on sale for 275.00 which is a steal then i found a discpunt code online for optics planet which bought it down to 260.00 free...
  4. Vendor Deals
    "New" Saiga 7.62 x 39 This Week Only $574.99
  5. Vendor Deals
    As tension builds between the US & Russia, who knows how long you'll be able to get your HANDS on one of these... "New" Russian Saiga - In-stock Caliber: 7.62 x 39 Comes with (1) 10 ten round magazine, oiler, and tool. $552.35 +tax = $600
  6. Gun Shows
    Stopped in this morning right at 9:00 AM - not too crowded at all. Spent some time at the NRA table with Parashooter and M14BULLETS shooting the breeze from the NRA, NICS checks, and guns all the way to Hot Sauces and flavored Cheeses. (They have a secret stash of killer cookies.) Same old...
  7. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
  8. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Thinking about buying a S&W 39-2...guy is asking $375. Anyone have any experience with these? I read it a decent gun...I like that it's 9mm, single stack for my small/medium hands and looks l911-ish. Gets okay write-ups. Any reason I should pass on this? I'm going to offer $325 and see if...
    39 sw
  9. Veterans and Military
    I received the following. I have nothing further on this at this time. Paul US Navy, '79 - '83 Patriot Guard Rider Sergeant at Arms, NYC/LI Victory Riders ____________________________________________ Timothy Edward Canonico, 39, originally from Merrick, New York. US Army Veteran . Tim...
  10. Veterans and Military
    I received the following. I have nothing further on this at this time. Paul ____________________________________________ Timothy Edward Canonico, 39, originally from Merrick, New York. US Army Veteran . Tim struggled with the memories and nightmares of 4 tours in combat and last week ended up...
  11. Gun Shows
    Happauge Gun Show March 3th and 9th. Attachment contains discount:
  12. AK - [Rifles]
    FYI classic firearms has about 34 in stock as of now http://www.classicfirearms.com/russian-saiga-iz132 i know some LIF'ers where looking for this rifle at a decent price , although not 2009 prices, this is still reasonable. Happy hunting.
  13. Pellet / Airsoft / Airguns / Paintball Discussions
    $39 for three (3) Sig P226 Blackwater Special Edition Airsoft Pistols (Free Shipping!) http://www.gearhog.com/ Deal Overview Features: • BAX Shooting System for Accuracy • 328 fps. • 1:1 Scale Exact Replica of Sig Sauer P226 Handgun • Officially Licensed Blackwater Edition INCLUDES - BONUS -...
  14. AR - [Rifles]
    Just got my new upper in the mail today, and it looks sweet!! 5.45 x 39 with a spikes nib BCG. Just waiting for the Mags to come in the mail and ill be off to the range to see how she performs. Upper is nickel Teflon coated, but have a WMD NIB upper that I'm going to swap it out with. @ 0.19 a...
  15. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://www.firearmsforsale.com/tulammo-ul076200-tulammo-7-62mmx39mm-full-metal-jacket-124-gr-20box-50case-ffs/ Picked some up with the free shipping.
  16. Out Of State Licensing
    Not in NY, of course New York made me wait 277 days (38 weeks) for the privilege of touching a handgun & carrying from my home to the range. Georgia made me wait 39 days & I can now carry open or concealed, anywhere that isn't explicitly off-limits (and even carrying somewhere that's...
  17. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    I am expecting a Yugo SKS in the next day or so. Ammo recommendations? I see 7.62X39 @ about .33 online. I prefer to buy local if its competitive. Any recommendations?
  18. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    Setup on Saturday 3/9. Come down early and help set up, you can shoot starting 2PM. Start time on Sunday 3/10. 8AM. Please show up early enough (at least a half hour) to leave enough time to sign up, prep your equipment, get a walk through, and get squads set up. Even earlier, if it's your...
  19. AK - [Rifles]
    Where can i pick one up on the island for a reasonable price?
1-20 of 21 Results