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  1. AR Rifles
    Has anyone used AR-15 parts in a .308, I was told that many parts are the same. Can the buffer and spring work in an AR-10 ?
  2. AR Rifles
    I found a good deal on a PSA complete .308 upper and ordered it . The price was $599 plus $17 for shipping. It was a weekend special, original price $779. The .308 AR is a very useful platform for hunting. I hope to use it this hunting season. My total investment without optics is $1000, had to...
  3. Bolt Action Rifles
    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forums and love what I have been reading so far. Currently I have a Ruger 10/22 Takedown. I did some upgrades to it by adding the following: Volquartsen Custom Automatic Bolt Release ProMag Ruger See-Through Picatinny Scope Mount Centerpoint Open Reflex Red/Green...
  4. Milsurp Rifles
    How about a nice milsurp posting to cleanse the palate. I'm not sure what is going on with them members of the forum, but it seems like High School drama and BS. I came here to talk about firearms, and will continue to do so. So, to start with I don't have pictures yet, but I can try to...
  5. AR Rifles
    Finally finished my ar-10 build. Aero precision upper and lower, criterion bull barrel 20", magpul prs stock, threw my national match trigger in there as well. I will be swapping my mark 4 between these rifles until later in the year.. I am planning on buying a lower powered one and putting it...
  6. Bolt Action Rifles
    Finally got round to pulling the vortex pst off my Remington 700, and remounting it on my latest purchase. Also got the hard case finally in shape. Can't wait to take this out to Brookhaven for sighting in.
  7. Other Rifles
    After much thought, I want to add a new long range 308 rifle to my collection. I am not a long range shooter, and have shot out to 200 yards on a fairly regular basis. I think I might want to try shooting to longer distances than 200 yards with around 500-700 yards being the maximum. The main...
  8. Bolt Action Rifles
    Just a friendly PSA...the aforementioned rifle does not like CBC ammo. No KB, fired normally. However, when attempting to cycle another round, you can charge the bolt (for some reason the 4 letter word for rooster gets changed to rooster) the bolt but not be able to pull it back. To remove the...
  9. Vendor Deals
    Hello, Received a small shipment of 308 Lowers. Also have AR-15 Lowers by many different manufacturer. When your ready " CALL JERRY "
  10. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Was reading an article (albeit rather tin foilish) that kept mentioning "Rule 308". A Google search shows a lot of legal-sleaze for 308 but nothing I can figure out. Anyone able to explain Rule 308 in layman's English?
  11. Vendor Deals
    We just got in another Ruger Precision Rifle in .308. $1250 out the door
  12. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I primarily bench shoot 100/200yds at Brookhaven, with either 308 Remmington/bolt or .223/semi Windham. Over the last few months (podcasts, online sites) I've been hearing all sorts of interesting things about AR-15's chambered in .308, but I've largely been ignoring it - although the momentum...
  13. AR Rifles
    Hello, Looking for some help on options. Im looking for an AR that will realistically be 80% for the range, and 20% used for hunting deer. I was looking at a .308 since I figured it would be a better round for both (and to go along with my .308 Savage Axis). My questions are: 1- Does anyone...
  14. Bolt Action Rifles
    Hello guys, I am looking at buying this rifle in the near future. I wanted to get some feedback from you guys the 308 vs 6.5. I have been reading online. The reviews are all over the place. What will I use it for? I have never hunted. Not to say I wouldn't, just never really had the...
  15. Bolt Action Rifles
    Recently picked up a Remington 700 SPS Tac a few weeks ago. Stock is pillar bedded and I further bedded the recoil lug. Week one - I put about 40 rounds down range to break it in a little. Week two - Bedded a weaver rail and added a 6-24x50 optic. Broke it in further by putting another 40...
  16. AR Rifles
    Hey guys, trying to rengage here on building a 308 of the AR variety. I'm looking for decent quality, as it will be my first build and I'd like it to last. I guess my best option is going to be fixed magazine? I saw DSI's stuff awhile back but I felt like it just made me look more at Windham...
  17. Open Firearm Discussions
    As stated in title of thread! Thanks
  18. Reloading
    So I have been reloading .308 Win for a while now and want to work up a low recoil round for my father( he has had multiple shoulder surgeries and can't take the recoil to well.). I am planning on using 125 gr bullets. The only powders I have right now are 4064 and unique. I would like to stick...
  19. Bolt Action Rifles
    Having trouble sighting in my mossberg mvp any one want to help
1-20 of 105 Results