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  1. Pump [Shotguns]
    Been admiring shot guns a while and there are so many on the market and as you all know I purchased our .22 rimfire based off our research and my fellow forum members input. My brother says the only shot gun he will ever love is the mossberg 590a1. As my first one I'm not looking to break the...
  2. Shotgun
    Does anyone know where I could find media or diagrams on cleaning/breaking down this model shotgun? The
  3. Pump [Shotguns]
    What would be the best ammo for range and home defence? Its my dads old gun and it has not been fired in 30yrs. Its was cleaned and oil before it was put away. It says up to 3inch on the barrel. Any info please?? never fired a shotgun before..
  4. Break Action [Shotguns]
    I recently inherited an old SxS 12G from my FIL. It hasn't been shot in 20+ years. I have never shot one (except 1 round at the Utah CCW class). Where can I try this beast? I need a new recoil pad first.
  5. Break Action [Shotguns]
    Any bss nuts out there? I was wondering what the finish on the barrels and receiver should be . The barrels look like they were blued but the receiver looks like nickel.
  6. Pump [Shotguns]
    Any opinions on this ammo? Price isn't too bad. I'm looking to get 500 rounds but wanted opinions first. http://www.luckygunner.com/12-ga-2-3-4-00-buck-rio-royal-250-rounds#rid=AmmoSeek For about $5 more I can get this...
  7. Break Action [Shotguns]
    My husband just inherited a Hopkins & Allen 12g shotgun the only numbers on the gun is 1862 not sure if this is the serial number or the year made, this number is located in 3 places no other plates or id's anywhere on the gun, we are not sure if it is truly a H & A, this is what we were told...
  8. Open Firearm Discussions
    Hey fellas, just ordered my Saiga 12 and I need to get some slugs and buck through it to break her in. What's the cheapest place to get buck or slugs either online or locally? Looking to cycle about 200rds through it. Any info would be greatly appreciated! -John
1-8 of 9 Results