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  1. Suffolk County Ranges
    I'm looking to head over there some time around noon tomorrow, is anyone looking to go?
  2. AR Rifles
    Hey there... Today, I assumed DSI opens till 8 but nope they closed at 6, I have DSI Lightning fixed mag. 10/20 pmag - does it have remove able bottom plate same as 10 pmag has ? I just curious to see if DSI can do swap 10 pmag to 10/20 pmag on my fixed ar15? Thanks Jake
  3. Vendor Deals
    Fresh from Texas or Montana or where Magpul is producing these days, the brand new Gen 3 20 round PMAGs blocked and pinned to 10 rounds. Any color as long as you want black and they include dust covers. Only 50 pc. http://www.dark-storm.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=157
  4. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I was looking forward to seeing a Walking Dead thread this morning, did everyone miss it? The minute that chick went into the bathroom and filled that pitcher of water from the barrel the kick coughed all in, I knew she was toast, but I didnt think someone would off her ahead of time. Who do...
  5. AR Rifles
    Does anyone know a place that has metal 10 20 magazines in stock ? Not looking for PMAGs.
  6. AR Rifles
    RifleGear has Magpul PMAG M3 10/20 Magazines in stock for $24.99 http://www.riflegear...e-223556mm.aspx
  7. AR Rifles
    $30.00 each, I just ordered two. http://www.tenpercen...dex&cPath=10_47
1-8 of 10 Results