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Rules of Participation: "House Rules"
  1. All Topics and Posts must be related to firearms, accessories or civil liberties issues. *Unless posting within the areas of 'Chit-Chat' and 'Extras'. All posts must not be infringing on any copy written material.  You take responsibility on all posts. Please adhere to the local rules within Buy/Sell as well.
  2. Please be respectful. Do not post anything which is offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international laws. Long Island Firearms does not endorsing ownership, operation or modification of any firearm that may be considered illegal.
  3. Bumping a thread. Defined as replying to your post to keep the thread on the top of the forum. You can bump your post every 24 hours.
  4. The use of improper language is specifically prohibited. A language filter is installed within the forums software to address this. Make no attempt to override this filter.
  5. Remain respectful of other users, moderators and administrators at all times. All posts should be professional and courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective. However, you are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community. It does not matter what title or power you hold in these forums, you are expected to obey this rule. Doing otherwise will get your account banned temporarily, or permanently if the situation becomes severe enough (this will be left to the discretion of the moderation team).
  6. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts and/or to revoke Membership. No Second Chances; No Argument; No Trial; No Way. At best you will receive one warning.
  7. Do not spam or promote/self-promote in the forum. This forum defines spam as unsolicited/solicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites, political candidates,  or posts with little, no or completely unrelated content. Do not spam the forum with links to any site, email address, product, or try to self-promote any website, business, or forums etc. Your account will be banned permanently, your posts will be deleted, and you may be subject to legal action. Spamming also includes sending private messages to a large number of different users. However, please note that there are two exceptions to the self-promotion rule. Businesses posting in 'Find a friendly FFL' forum and the 'Buy/Sell/Trade' forum.
  8. (Buy/Sell areas) Long Island Firearms makes no representations about the condition, legality, or safety, of any merchandise for sale by it's members.  All merchandise should be checked out by a competent gunsmith before firing. Further, we require that all transactions be handled according to the letter of the law.  No items that are restricted or banned should ever be listed for sale on this forum.  Any member listing, selling or knowingly purchasing any item that is illegal will be banned permanently from this forum. We do not sell firearms. We do not allow 'salesman' type of posts.
  9. Multiple Registrations Prohibited. - Impersonation of any person or entity, forgery of headers or other manipulation of identifiers including, but not limited to, multiple registrations by an individual, is prohibited.
  10. Any and all notifications, announcements, or solicitations for any Fundraising Event, Drive or Campaign must be approved by the administration of Long Island Firearms.
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Legal Disclaimer:
We are not formally organized to teach firearms proficiency. Our members and Moderators are a confederation of individuals offering individual opinions only. Opinions can never preclude the mandate to seek professional training in the areas of firearms use, firearms modifications and handloading. Proceed solely at your own risk. While we make every attempt to edit or delete erroneous posts, neither the Moderators nor the Staff are capable of previewing every post. By agreeing to these terms, you agree that responsibility for any post lies with the individual author, and any consequences which result from acting on the information found herein lies solely with you.

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